Create short links for lengthy URLs.
Your whole team can access these links!

Links created by your team member can be opened only by members of your organization.

How it works

  • Securely Sign in with Google with your official Email ID.

  • Start creating new short links and navigate via{link}.

  • Install our Google Chrome Extension so that you can simply access go/{link} instead of typing{link}.
  • Links created by you can only be accessed within the organization.

Key Features

Once you start using, you will surely get addicted to using go links

Company wide links

Links created by you can only be accessed by your team members in same organization

Chrome Extension

Our lightweight chrome extension will allow you to access URLs via go/{link}

Manage your links

Just head over to your dashboard to manage your links

Coming Soon

Preview a link

Just want to see what's behind a link? Just add '+' sign to preview. Use go/bugs+

Coming Soon

Firefox Extension

Soon you will be able to enjoy go/{link} on firefox as well.

Coming Soon

Dashboard to track usage

Soon you can track how many people are using your link


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Basic Plan

  • Upto 100 go links
  • Upto 30 team members
  • Only office hours support

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  • Unlimited go links
  • Upto 200 team members
  • Dashboard to track usage
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked Q&As

  • No, not exactly. is visible to everyone and are meant for sharing it publicly.
    Whereas is visible to only your company members.

  • In today's workplace we deal with a lot of company-only documents. For example URLs of PRDs, engineering design docs, documentations, program trackers etc. A lot of our time is spent in searching the URL of these documents in chat history, emails, browser history etc. provides you an easy to remember as well as private URLs.

  • Instead of you can also use go/ urls. Just make sure that you have our Chrome Extension installed.